We are glad to invite you to our blog on Web Development. This blog will be used mainly for tips and tricks of the technologies we have adopted, especially on CMS solutions. You may see Product Announcements as well.

In the past, we’ve worked with WordPress (and we have some experience working with its guts!), but as of now, we’ve discovered Grav CMS, a modern open-source flat-file CMS. We’re excited to bring you great content about this CMS and other related web development technologies.

We want to teach you how to develop custom themes, how to develop plugins, and how to configure Grav CMS to suit all kinds of needs.

So, let’s do this together as we learn as well because we believe that Grav CMS has tremendous potential to continue to become the favorite tool of many developers for building websites.

We believe in technologies that are great, but are not necessarily market leaders, because as the saying goes: “Never judge a book by its cover!”

See you around!

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