How to use ProLocker Plugin

Right after activating the plugin, you might want protect certain content from being seen, unless shared a specified number of times exponentially.

In order to unlock content, your visitors will have to share the provided link. Each visitor gets their own personal link, so their access count is unique to them. Example:

  1. John Doe visits your website and sees a content that is locked by the ProLocker plugin and therefore, he gets a link to share
  2. John shares his personal share link to 5 friends and each one of them opens it
  3. John can now see the unlocked content his friends helped him to unlock, but John’s friends will have share their own personal share link 5 times each in order for them to see the locked content

Let’s proceed with the steps on how to achieve this result.

How to lock content in a post or static page

  1. Create a new post or page and add your content as usual
  1. Add a new block anywhere, by clicking on the “+” button and a menu will appear
  1. Use the search box to search for “ProLocker” and add a “Hit counter” block
  1. A new “Hit counter” block appears and you can add blocks within it using also the “+” button used previously
  1. In the sidebar, you’ll see customization options, such as how many times needs this link to be accesed per link and a custom message including the {count} placeholder


In the “Advanced” tab it’s also possible to add additional CSS classes to further customize this design.

  1. You can add as many inner blocks you need for locked content, for our example, we’ll just add an image
  1. When you’re finished adding the content to your post or page, publish it and the final result will be the following