ProLocker WP Admin Plugin Options

There are other options you might want to explore to further control the behavior of the plugin.

To access those options, go to the left sidebar menu option “ProLocker” and two options will appear.


Understanding ProKeys module

ProKeys are the Unique Identifiers of IP addresses that have accesed your locked content posts/pages.

Show in the image below, you will see all of the keys upon access to locked content.


If you click on a specific ProKey, you will be able to take several actions, such as:

  • View the post from where this ProKey originated
  • Search for IP addresses have accessed this ProKey you’re checking out
  • Reset Hit counter for this key (useful if you find out a key has been abused)
  • Delete this key altogether

Understanding Blacklisted IPs module

This module allows you to manage which IP addresses are blacklisted from activity in your website, wherever they see locked content.

If any IP address is added here, ProKeys generated from these IP addresses will not have unlocking effect, whether it’s to unlock content from a ProKey generated from this IP address or increasing hit count of other ProKeys.